Extension of Changes to Payment and Coding for COVID-19

We will be extending the changes made to our payment and coding for COVID-19 in alignment with, and to enhance, the Ontario COVID-19 Worker Income Protection Benefit, which covers three paid days for casual and part-time workers who are ill, or who are getting tested or vaccinated for COVID-19.

Through to June 30, 2021, CAMH will cover applicable staff members’ pre-scheduled shifts missed for reasons related to COVID-19, including:

COVID-19 self-isolation awaiting results of a COVID-19 test due to COVID symptoms or community exposure (up to two days)

COVID-19 diagnosis of the employee (up to 10 days)

COVID-19 self-isolation due to confirmed high risk exposure in the community (up to 14 days)

Health, Safety and Wellness will be careful to review documentation prior to confirming paid leave for employees affected by COVID-19, so it is very important to remember that the responsibility rests with the employee to contact Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW.covid@camh.ca) and to provide all necessary proof of need for self-isolation, testing and diagnosis, to help ensure continuity of pay.

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