Ontario election 2022: Mobilizing Votes for Good Jobs, Workers’ Rights, Fair Contracts and Quality Public Services!

[**Please share this message with members and activists in your local and your Region 5 networks.**]

With less than two weeks to the June 2 Ontario election – and the advance polls open now through to May 28 – OPSEU members and our communities have A LOT at stake in this election.
Voting for Real Solutions for Workers and Our Communities
Workers and our communities need real solutions NOW! 

  • From stopping privatization, re-investing in health care, long-term care, education and public services, and overturning Ford’s Bill 124 and its 1% public sector wage cap…
  • To winning a livable minimum wage, paid sick days and enforceable rights for all Ontario workers, raising social assistance rates, restoring real rent control and re-investing in public and affordable housing
  • To standing up for indigenous, racialized and working-class communities, protecting the environment and taking urgent action on the climate crisis…
  • To ending subsidies for profitable businesses and raising taxes on big corporations and the super-rich…

All these options are on the table… IF the majority of workers choose to vote for the party that best represents our needs and our hopes for the future.

The Party that Stands Up for Working People
That’s why OPSEU/SEFPO and our Greater Toronto Area Council have joined the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) and other major public and private-sector unions to urge members to consider voting for the Ontario NDP as the one party that has committed to stand up for working people and our issues.

Wondering Where to Start?
> Check out OPSEU’s election site for members at www.BuildON2022.org to read more about the key issues for OPSEU members, access other election resources, and register for updates.
> Next, click here to learn about the NDP’s platform, and connect with the NDP candidate in your riding, for more information, to take a lawn sign, make a donation or volunteer with the campaign. (To confirm what riding you live in, go to: www.elections.on.ca.)

Engage with Your OPSEU Contacts
> Next, share this message – and what you’ve learned – with members in your local and your fellow OPSEU activists, and encourage them to plug in and help mobilize votes for public services, good jobs, workers rights… and the NDP.

Join an OFL Labour Canvass in Your Area
> Click here for information and to sign up for an OFL labour canvass where you can join other union allies to reach out to voters in key ridings.

Organizing for Change: Key Ridings in (and around) Region 5
For union members, it’s one of our super powers – and one of our most popular chants:

      “The bosses have the money (and they have the lies),
        but WE have the power when we organize!”

So, GTAC is encouraging members and activists like you to support, volunteer for and/or donate to NDP campaigns in target ridings in and around Region 5.  We’ve identified 27 ridings below that are either i) currently held by the NDP or ii) are “swing” ridings where the NDP has a real opportunity to win. We have also highlighed ridings where OPSEU members are running for the NDP.

What all these ridings have in common is that support from OPSEU members’ can help make a real difference in the riding – and in which party forms our next government. That’s where YOU come in!

> PLEASE SEE BELOW for a list of target ridings, the candidates and links to their websites. With almost two weeks until E-Day, we can help make the difference together. So, please check the list, click the link to contact the campaign nearest you, and let them know you are with OPSEU and want to lend a hand!

1) CURRENT NDP RIDINGS (in and around Region 5)
Where the NDP candidate won in the last election.
OPSEU candidates* are highlighted in yellow.


Beaches – East York                                     
     Kate Dupuis *                                          https://katedupuis.ontariondp.ca/

     Marit Stiles                                              https://www.maritfordavenport.ca/

Parkdale – High Park                                     
     Bhutila Karpoche                                    https://www.bhutila.ca/

Scarborough Southwest                                
     Doly Begum                                             https://ssw.ontariondp.ca/

Spadina – Fort York                                       
     Chris Glover                                             https://chrisglover.ontariondp.ca/

Toronto Centre                                               
     Kristyn Wong-Tam                                   https://kristynwongtam.ontariondp.ca/

Toronto – Danforth                                          
     Peter Tabuns                                            https://petertabuns.ontariondp.ca/

Toronto – St. Paul’s                                        
     Jill Andrew                                               https://jillandrew.ontariondp.ca/

University – Rosedale                                    
     Jessica Bell                                              https://jessicabell.ontariondp.ca/

York South – Weston                                      
     Faisal Hassan                                           https://faisalhassan.ontariondp.ca/

Brampton Centre                                           
     Sarah Singh                                               https://sarasingh.ontariondp.ca/

Brampton East                                               
     Gurratan Singh                                          https://gurratansingh.ontariondp.ca/

Brampton North                                             
     Sandeep Singh                                          https://sandeepsingh.ontariondp.ca/

      Jennifer French                                        https://jenniferfrench.ontariondp.ca/

2) SWING RIDINGS (in and around Region 5)
Where the NDP has a strong chance of winning and OPSEU members’ support can make the difference. OPSEU candidates* are highlighted in yellow.


Etobicoke North                                             
     Aisha Jahangir *                                        https://aishajahangir.ontariondp.ca/

Etobicoke – Lakeshore                                  
     Farheen Alim                                             https://farheenalim.ontariondp.ca/

Humber River – Black Creek                         
     Tom Rakocevic                                         https://tomrakocevic.ontariondp.ca/

Scarborough Centre                                      
     Neethan Shan                                            https://neethanshan.ontariondp.ca/

Scarborough – Guildwood                             
     Veronica Javier *                                      https://veronicajavier.ontariondp.ca/

Scarborough – Rouge Park                            
     Felicia Samuel                                          https://feliciasamuel.ontariondp.ca/

     Christine Santos                                        https://christinesantos.ontariondp.ca/

Brampton South                                             
     Andria Barrett                                            https://andriabarrett.ontariondp.ca/

Brampton West                                              
     Navjit Kaur                                                 https://navjitkaur.ontariondp.ca/

Markham – Stouffville                                    
     Kingsley Kwok *                                        https://kingsleykwok.ontariondp.ca/

Mississauga – Erin Mills                                
     Farina Hassan                                           https://farinahassan.ontariondp.ca/

Mississauga – Malton                                    
     Waseem Ahmed                                        https://waseemahmed.ontariondp.ca/

     Sara Labelle *                                            https://saralabelle.ontariondp.ca/

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