Stewards by Site

Ursula Franklin Street & College Street Sites

Anna Palaganas, Women’s Inpatient Unit, CS,, Ext. 36379
Cameron Sharp, OPOP, UFS,, Ext. 36180
Emma Firsten-Kaufman, PSSP, UFS,, Ext. 33049
German Fernandez, Pre-clinical Research,, 437-922-2715
Lucy Trojanowski, OPOP, UFS,, Ext. 36799
Rossana Coriandoli, PSSP, UFS,, Ext. 30114
Susan Eckerle Curwood, PSSP, UFS,, Ext. 30540

Queen Street Site

Alma Kent, Forensic, Unit 1-4,, Ext. 31970
Anesia (Trish) Hibbert, Environmental Services,, Ext. 33046
Anna Tapia, 80 Workman, 5103, Department Secretary,
Brandon Pierre, Research Analyst 2, 1025 Queen St. W., 5th fl., room 5351b,, Ext. 30969
Carmen Ng, Unit 4-4/PRT-6,, Ext. 32802
Carol Bennett Mundley, Health & Safety Rep Unit 4-5/CCC-6,, 647-625-6582
Dale Fergusson, Forensic Secure Unit (3-2),, Ext. 31118
Danica Furtado-Fernandes, 60 WSW-2,, Ext. 39411
Emma Mann, 11051 Queen St. W., basement,, Ext. 30871
Jennie Yeung, IMG,, 647-888-7633
Joan Rennard, Unit 1-3, QS,, Ext. 32532
Juanita Jones, Forensic General Unit (1-2),, Ext. 32802
Lenord Quan, BGB, Dietary,, 416-817-9559
Mathew Neeson, Lifeguard, QS,, Ext. 30300
Michael Thompson, BGB, IMG,, Ext. 33875
Piotr Nowak, BGB, Dietary,, Ext. 33038
Robert Edgar, BGB, IMG,, Ext. 33277
Sandra Luccisano, BGB & CS, First Impressions,, 416-820-3910
Sharon Castellas, Dietary Services, QS,, Ext. 33038
Sona Daneshvar, BGB, IMG,, Ext. 34317
Susan Estevez, BGB, IMG,, Ext. 32137
Tony Ivanoff, French Language Services, 1025 Queen St. W., 2nd fl., room 2300,, Ext. 34935
Virginia Ittig Deland, Research, 1025 Queen St. W., 5th fl., room 5351a,, Ext. 77416
Yvonne Hinds, Forensic/TSDC, Ext. 36022 OR 31916
Yvonne Pearce, Inpatient, QS Unit 1-4,, 905-586-1720 & ext. 33700

Queen Street, SNC Lavalin

Gewan (John) Ramkallie,,  416-898-2041
Sunil Singh, BGB Maintenance,, 416-818-0873


John Hazineh, Ext. 32122

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  1. Steve Partsanis says:

    Anything coming up?

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