A Big Thanks to Volunteers Who Worked So Hard to Ensure the All-Employee BBQ was a Success!

A tremendous amount of work goes into planning and e3xecuting the all-staff BBQ—We could not do any of this without all of you.

A big thanks to the volunteers who work so hard to ensure this is a success!

They started you off…Plates-Cutlery and napkins…

Janet Porter Wahabu                      Christopher Howard
Oswin Chang                                     Virginia Iittig Deland
Bridgette McKenzie                         Pat Kern

On the grill…

Andrew Aris                                      Lynne Fiander
Thomas Andersson                          Danielle Larmand
John Kozanczyn Shayla Gutzin     Stephen Canning
Paul Horrigan                                   Tony Ivanoff
Myfanwy Marshall                           David Tennent

Serving salads, condiments, chips, beverages and ice cream…

Kat Tomasone                                   Christopher Howard
Susan Eckerle Curwood                  Rhondine Lightbody
Mariam Momand                             David Rotenberg
Dimple Patel                                     Christine Dubois-Cross
Eddie Aguiar                                      Neil Vasdev
Devon Johnson                                 Frances Abela-Dimech
Rosalee Williams                              Asha Maharaj
Jenny Yeung                                      Linda Mohri
Holly Williams                                  Rosanna Coriandoli
Kim Johnson

Batting clean up…

Lewis O’Ree
Robert Edgar
John Cordeiro

Thanks also to Linda Arsenault for organizing garbage bins, aprons and towels!!!

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