OPSEU Sick Leave – Employee Information FAct Sheet

This check list provides a guideline for staff on sick leave. It highlights key information regarding requirements for submitting documentations, and important timelines. This information is provided to help minimize disruption in your pay and/or benefits. Download the check list.

Employee Check List Key Information While on Sick Leave – A Step-by Step Guide

Short Term Sick Leave Period (26 weeks)

  1. First Day Absent – Sick leave commences – Contact your Manager
  2. Notify manager of your absence daily or provide manager with an approximate timeline based on illness. If absence is greater than 5 days, notify manager and contact Health Safety and Wellness (HSW) – or contact HSW as required by policy
  3. Contact HSW on day 5 of absence (or as required by policy) to obtain a copy of the CAMH Attending Physician’s Statement (APS). The APS is to be completed by your treatment provider and you are required to submit medical documentation to HSW within 5 business days from first day of absence.
  4. Please note that supporting medical documentation is required within 5 business days of first day of absence. If Health Safety and Wellness does not receive supporting medical documentation within 5 business days your pay may be impacted.
  5. Contact HSW/Disability Case Specialist for information and forms to apply for Short Term Disability benefits, which are adjudicated by our carrier, Sunlife Financial Services (Sunlife)
    – You can only apply for STD if you have been absent for 5 days or more
    – Once you submit the necessary forms, Sunlife will make a determination within 5 days (if you do not hear back within this 5 day period, please contact Sunlife and HSW)
    – You may be entitled to use 9 sick days and you may be entitled to top up your STD payments if you have adequate time banked (note top up cannot apply until the claim has been approved by Sunlife)
  6. Benefits and Pension – If your leave will be longer than 15 weeks, email benefits@camh.ca to request a pension and benefits letter. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with the option to continue/discontinue health insurance benefits and pension during your health leave. If you prefer a paper copy please call HR Reception (x32400) to request that this letter be mailed to you.
    Once you receive the letter, indicate your preferences and return the letter along with a void cheque to the benefits and pension team within 10 business days. To return the letter either:
    – Email a scanned copy of the letter and a void cheque to: benefits@camh.ca
    – Mail the letter and a void cheque to:
    Human Resources
    Bell Gateway Building, 5th Floor
    100 Stokes Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1H4

    Benefits will be suspended if you do not return the letter with your selection or if benefits premiums are in arrears for one month
    *Note, you may opt out of benefits if you provide proof of coverage (confirmation statement)

  7. Pension Carriers
     If you do not expect to return to work by the end of the sick leave period, you may apply for Free Accrual of your pension after 15 weeks. Free accrual can allow you to continue to build your HOOPP pension while you are on a health leave as though you were at work, without the need to make contributions.
     For employees enrolled in HOOPP, HR will mail them pension information forms (along with benefits forms noted above)
     HR will update HOOPP with health leave date and HOOPP will send you a booklet called “Here For You: Disability Guide,” with details about HOOPP’s disability benefits
     As part of HOOPP’s disability assessment, you will need to provide HOOPP with the information needed to assess your medical condition. To apply for benefits you need to submit to HOOPP medical evidence that demonstrates the nature of your physical illness or injury, or mental illness. You must fill out two medical forms
     It’s important to ensure that HOOPP receives your medical forms before the end of the 15-week qualifying period because free accrual cannot begin until HOOPP has reviewed and approved your application. If you qualify for free accrual, it can start as soon as possible after the 15-week qualifying period
     Employees will be contacted by HOOPP (via a letter in the mail) if free accrual has been approved
     Please contact HOOPP directly if you have not received a letter from HOOPP before the end of the 15-week qualifying period

     For employees enrolled in OPTrust, HR will mail the “Application to Contribute During Unpaid Leave of Absence” form. Once completed and mailed back to HR, HR will update OPTrust Carrier (no employee action required)

  8. If you are in receipt of STD benefits but do not expect to return to work by the end of the 26-week period, contact the Disability Case Specialist in HSW. You must also contact your Sunlife Case Specialist to obtain the necessary forms to apply for Long Term Disability benefits.

    Long Term Leave (26 weeks)

  9. If approved, Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefits will commence (approximately 26 weeks after start date of illness/absence)
     HR will adjust the applicable benefit deductions effective the date of your LTD approval
     Note that OPTrust members will automatically be enrolled into the Long Term Income Protection (LTIP) plan. LTIP allows you to accrue pension service at your pre-disability rate. CAMH is required to make both their share and your share of contributions to the Plan on your behalf until you recover, resign from your employment, reach age 65, start your pension, or die (whichever occurs first).
  10. If you have returned to work or have been given approval to return to work, it is your responsibility to notify HR to discontinue your pre-authorized payment (PAP) arrangement and prevent duplication of premium deductions.
     Employees that are approved for Free Accrual must notify HR for additional information


  • CAMH 416-535-8501
  • Human Resources and Payroll – Email: hr.reception@camh.ca
    Ext 32400
    Fax 416-583-4316
  • Health Safety and Wellness
    Ext 32546
    Fax 416-583-1309
  • WSIB Coordinator
    Ext 32100
    Fax 416-538-1309
  • Disability Case Specialist
    Ext 31968
    Fax 416-538-1309
  • Benefits – Email: Benefits@camh.ca
    Ext 31901 or 32412
    Fax 416-583-4316
  • Pension – Email: Pensions@camh.ca
    Ext 30579 or 32412
    Fax 416-583-4316
  • Sunlife Financial Services
    Fax 416-393-9212
  • OPT Trust
    Fax 416-681-6175
  • Precise ParkLink
  • CAMH Wellness Centre – Email: wellness@camh.ca
    Ext. 39066
  • EFAP (Employee and Family Assistance Plan)
  • Service Canada
    Ext 32330
    Fax 416-583-1223

Source: CAMH Human Resources


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