Yoga, Meditation and Corporate Sing-Alongs Designed to Improve the Psychological Well-Being of Employees!

Honestly, it seems so unbelievable that you know it must be true!

Recently, the union was enlightened to hear the top brass at CAMH were leading groovy new age initiatives such as Yoga and afternoon sing-alongs, followed by live testimonials on passions surrounding Psychological Wellness. “Better late than never”, goes the old saying and there must be a dozen or more “old sayings” which might apply here…”Putting the cart before horse…” springs to mind!

The organization has been virtually silent since signing onto the National Standards for Psychological Wellness way back in 2013.

Call it a coincidence, but now exposed to doing nothing, and seeing a million dollars in funding for a Well@work initiative pulled by the FaaS Foundation, CAMH now believes the good mental health of employees is important!

Here is another old saying: “too little, too late…”

When we meet with employees, they tell us what they hear, what they see and how they feel about the workplace every single day. Employees feel disillusioned regarding the lack of transparency and the failure of CAMH to deal with Violence and burnout in a very real manner, to focus on real initiatives which would realize wellness in the workplace.

The only real item there is a focus on is the budget. CAMH has focused on the budget at the cost and expense of employees–the people they ask to carry out their vision. People are fragile, beaten down and disillusioned–passion has been replaced with bitterness, hope replaced with despair and excellence replaced by mediocrity.

Wellness at CAMH has been, again a top-down approach–a surprise to people, after years of ignoring issues, there is a sudden interest in wellness!

Resistance is futile–you will embrace wellness at CAMH.

***No union involvement or participation was ever requested in developing initiatives which would result in a Psychologically well workplace—any such initiatives put forward by the Union were rejected immediately by CAMH.***


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