CAMH fined $80,000

If you failed to listen or watch the news last night, or did not read a newspaper this morning, you may have missed the fact CAMH was fined $80,000 by the Ministry of Labour. (Read the full story here.)

Certainly you could not have missed the e-leader where CAMH finally accepts and admits they failed to adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and failed to put measures in place to ensure employees were safe at work.

We think this is an important first step, because up to this point the Executive Leadership Team has done a remarkable job of pretending nothing ever happened.

The CAMH lawyer, made valiant efforts to voice the reluctance of CAMH to go to trial-rightfully, he indicated costs and reputation as issues and lastly, the organization did not want to further traumatize its employees-now that’s rich.

Let’s be clear, they had no choice but to say ‘we accept the decision of the court…’ They are not, by any stretch of your imagination, feeling warm about the decision.  Their words are hollow and hold little truth.

Some people reading this will say the Union is negative-not at all, just honest.

CAMH and its leadership have kept your Unions at a Violence table slogging away at nothing for over a year-we voiced our concerns over and over, to no avail.  CAMH did not in any way want to accept responsibility- we know this for a fact.

For the first time in my history as a Union activist and President of this local, employees at CAMH are calling for the resignation of the CEO the Executive Leadership Team.

The fine is a couple of bonuses of the Executive Leadership Team -SHAME Of course, the larger question looming before the CAMH is what will they do next?

We will be watching and we are not the only people watching.


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