Last week, a few of us on the LEC and our staff representative Brock, met with the employer/Directors and Human Resources to discuss this years’ layoffs.

This round signified the largest departure of staff since we first merged in 1998.

It appears there is more than enough work for folks, but it seems the Centre is always looking to meet the agenda of the Liberal Government and will continue to cut front line staff to put money in their own pockets.

We see the addition of numerous management positions (assistant managers-really), and the addition of several superheroes to the Executive Leadership Team.

As the EVP of Human Resources told the Union—sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong, and the Union is just going to have to live with that…it is always good to know how folks really feel about you—particularly those who implement the Policy and put their stamp on the agenda, which cuts front line staff.

  • For those people who will find themselves at a HAPS meeting with the Union—WE WILL BE BESIDE YOU AND WILL ENSURE YOUR RIGHTS ARE RESPECTED.

This is never an easy process for us and in fact it is often very difficult.  Despite receiving information to explain why this is happening, we believe the employer needs to actually advocate to end this process, and for a change, advocate for an increase to our budgets and really advocate for the staff who carry the bulk of the work.

We have seen cuts for so long, we know most people are doing the work of 2 people—one wonders how you can announce all the good work being done, when the organization knows this is almost impossible to achieve, given the caseload and amount of work.

On the 22nd of April Local 500 hosted Administrative Professionals day—where I overheard folks saying this is the first time they have taken lunch in 6 months or had a break—if they step away, they are swamped.

It seems to not matter here—the executive team cares about the bonus structure and that managers do their job and carry out orders, they care not about those going out the door after years of work and dedication.

We shall keep you posted on events upcoming with this years’ HAPS process. I would remind you we are bound by confidentiality until the employees are notified.

Thank you,


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