Toronto Star Letter to the Editor: What do the Tories have against Youth

A letter to the editor of the Star by Chris Cormier.

Don't Mourn, Organize, Chris Cormier, OPSEU Region 4 Vice President

Dear Editor
There should be a rule in politics as it is the rest of life which is that if you can’t make something better you should not do anything to make it any worse. On that count when it comes to youth unemployment (and lots of other things) the Conservatives are dismal failures. Under their rule it is harder for young people to get a job, even at McDonalds, harder to get Employment Insurance, harder to get training and more expensive to go to school.   Not to mention in 2011 they voted down a proposal to form a young tories wing of their party to build engagement. They get an F on all their report cards.
We desperately need a complete change in direction to turn around the dismal and persistent problem of unemployment and…

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